Sunday, September 19, 2010

September Cooking

Victoria's Giggles Cooking Club met at the park for a particular reason and were literaly cooking. We have hit record high temperatures for September. It was definately over 104 degrees at 5 pm. Once the sun tucked down behind the trees though it was so much more tolerable. My friend Kelly who comes up with these awesome little ideas for the girls to do had the girls preparing their own mini hamburger treats. They were adorable and tasted really good too. Who wouldn't like peppermint patties combo with mustard and ketchup(frosting) on a sesame seed bun(vanilla wafer). Victoria ate one and brought the rest home for her Dad and brothers and sister. They also made these little hamburger key chains. Victoria decided to glue hers all together to make a hamburger for her American Girl Doll. My kids have always had a mind of their own and did almost the complete opposite of what all the other kids are doing. I think they use that right side of their brain more than their left. They definately march to their own drum beat. They had a great time even though it was hot. They didn't care, they were at the park having a great time!

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