Sunday, September 19, 2010


I figured that even though we won't be seeing cooler temps for a little while longer I decided that maybe we could atleast bring some fall color into our day. Our whole family enjoys painting but we never seem to have enough time to do it. So I got this idea from Thatartistwoman . I could feel myself wanting to be a control freak at any minute but we managed to make it through the project with minimal damage. Victoria's is on the left and she got a little help from me. We were having a little problem with the brown paint being a little too thick. And then I turn my back for a second and she had a whole story going on about how she was hiding in a big pile of leaves and on and on and on. I paniced because I thought for sure any minute she was going to spell her name out right through the middle in dots. I think it is hard for her to understand that less is sometimes better. Kaleb ended up painting two. I think I made him nervous. I decided that Friday probably wasn't a great time to do such a wonderful project. Life has been so stressful with our current situation that it was really hard to just let go and enjoy what was going on. There is a lesson in everything. I told Kaleb that today wasn't necessarily about was more about doing what you want and enjoy doing it. Even if your control freakish mother hovered here and there. I always know when I am doing it and will be the first one to say I need to leave the room. We all laughed and moved on and I went to the grocery store...alone!

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