Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Halloween

This year we made some guidelines when it came to designing costumes.
Actually there was only one.
The rule had to create your costume without spending any money.
Well, I think we ended up spending maybe $5. Not bad for 4 costumes! Days before Halloween, Daphne signed our family up for Trunk or Treat at church. So while I was waiting to get Sam his rabies shot, Kirk and Victoria were dumpster diving for cardboard at 8 a.m. two days before Halloween. Her intent was to transform our van into something and she would play her violin dressed as a cute witch. I think she was very successful.
She looks pretty cute.

Victoria is a "cookie warrior". Kirk in all of his spare time cut this cookie shield out of styrofoam and painted it. It looks pretty yummy to me. Kaleb has once again made his costume out of cardboard box.
He makes a great bag of groceries! Kirk helped him airbrush the bag.
He could see pretty good until we padded his shoulders so that the box didn't get too heavy.
He had to have someone with him pretty much everywhere he went.
He couldn't see his feet. Oops.
Jared wasn't going to dress up this year but at the last minute decided to be a "one-eyed teenager". Once again Dad painted the eye. I thought this was a great costume for Jared.

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Katherine said...

These are great, they all look like professional costumes. I love Jared's, it is so appropriate to a teenager, "1" eye. Daphne made an excellent witch's costume. So fun.