Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Well, we didn't transform the van into anything. Not enough time. But Daphne and Kirk did come up with this little haunted house. Daphne sat there playing her violin entertaining all the little kids. The house became a photo spot for toddlers. They were the perfect size.Kirk and Kaleb hungry for a giant chocolate chip cookie.Jared was not identified until Pastor Shari recognized his watch. He and his church friends are quite a crew. They had alot of fun just being goofy. Hoola-hooping It always amazes me how good at hoola-hooping Kirk is. I can't do it that good.
Show off!

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Katherine said...

Kirk is a good dad. The costumes are great. I love the house, your family must have been the highlight of the event. I miss my little children. The most I did in dressing Blue for Halloween was finding him a western shirt for a dance. Not too hard. He did ask if I had blue hair spray, he was going to be a blue smirf for school.