Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Fun

We actually found time to carve pumpkins this year which is a rarity in previous years. I am so pleased that Kirk doesn't mind carving pumpkins. After so many years helping the kids gut their pumpkin...I am happy to not have to be doing it this time.

Kaleb had a little help from his friend Zack.These turned out so cute and remind me of each of the kids. Victoria's is the far left which she named princess pumpkin. Daphne carved the cat. Jared's is the one eyed pumpkin and Kaleb's is the far right. I think the eyes resemble his own. Cute.
It looks like Jared's and Kaleb's pumpkin is having a discussion.
They could be discussing the painful procedure that they just endured or maybe that Kaleb's needs to go wash his face.

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Katherine said...

These did turn out great. I don't mind digging the guts out now that I use a spoon and scrap the side, pretty easy. But I am with you Pam, I have done enough, didn't care to this year.