Saturday, October 30, 2010

Swiss Family Robinson

Kaleb has been working on this tree house while he and I have been reading the Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss. Both the book and the tree house have taken him on quite an adventure. The author had written the book originally as bedtime stories for his four boys. So the characters were modeled after his own family. It is a great book to read aloud. It can be very detailed at times but well written. Though we aren't quite sure how it is possible for penguins, flamingoes and bison to be all on the same tropical island. And every animal that they came across they shot and killed it without struggle or caught and tamed it. Kaleb kept a journal of all the plants and animals that they encountered while they were shipwrecked on this island for 10 years. He researched them and drew diagrams.We collected the branches and bark supplies on our camping trip in July.
Every tree house needs a rock climbing wall to reach the hammocks. We decided that if any little person were to actually live in this model tree house they would have to be able to fly. We all chose our favorite spots. I liked the very top where the hammock was knowing that I don't like heights. But then like what Kaleb said, I wouldn't be afraid of the height because I could fly. Sounds good to me.He even made a working elevator and learned about levers and pullys.
What a great way to learn.
Build a tree house. These are some pretty big carrots. He even planted little flowers in a flower box. And gauze curtains hanging in the window. This was a fun project. It spent many weeks on the island in our kitchen.
Now the question is, where do we put it?

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