Tuesday, October 12, 2010


To get into the spirit of Autumn (in record heat in Phoenix) we set out collecting different types of leaves to study. Due to the fact that most tree leaves in Arizona are no bigger than your pinkie nail we had to search pretty hard. We drove down Central where all of the old houses stand and sure enough we found a variety of leaves. Kaleb was a good sport in escorting his sister in her adventure. They loved being outdoors and even played "piggly sticks" like Pooh bear does in the little water ditch that flows in front of the houses.There are so many cute books about the season. It was hard to decide which books to bring home from the library. Of course "Leaf Man" is always a favorite. We piped our own fall trees with leaf sprinkles. These turned out extremely cute. Instead of cupcakes we made cinnamon muffins. It looked more natural but I am sure it had the same sugar content as a frosting cupcake. Oh well. We tried a glue batik of leaves that I saw on That Artist Woman's blog. Daphne and I traced leaves onto muslin. I poured gel glue over the lines and let it dry overnight. Then got everyone to paint the leaves with acrylic paint watered down. It turned out beautiful. I think we might use it on our table as a runner for Thanksgiving. The really cool part about the project is that all of us were successfull. Victoria even did an awesome painting job. It is amazeing what you can do with just a little direction. I didn't even think to be a control freak with this project. Though we did have to run to Michaels and get more green paint.

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