Monday, October 4, 2010

Learning about Pizza!

I love Kindergarten! It must be the 4th time that we have learned about pizza in our house. So this week we read stories about pizza. We baked our own pizza from scratch. We were all happy to eat it.
Everyone got to make their own personal pizza. That always goes over really well here. Daphne only likes cheese on hers while Kirk and Jared like the works on theirs.
This was an experiment with how yeast works and puffs up the dough in the oven. Victoria is really in to experiments lately. So she really liked this one. Kaleb did a good job of shaking the bottle every time he passed it which ended up making the balloon grow even more. It was Victoria's idea to add the face.

Here is the lapbook that she put together. Even though pizza actually comes from ancient Greece it was too confusing for a kindergartener. So I left it with Italy which had adopted the peasant pie later by Queen Margharita in the early 1900's. We found a box that curriculum had come in long ago that was kind of like a pizza box. She dug out her felt pizza that I sewed her last year. It fit perfect. She set out to be a pizza delivery girl delivering pizza to the kids doorways over the course of an hour or so. She even drew up receipts. Her pizzas cost only $2. I would love to only pay $2 for a whole pizza. What a deal. To top off the week, while I was at work on Fri. Daphne and Victoria baked Daphne's famous Giant Pizza Cookie. It never lasts very long because it is so good. The crust is a chocolate chip cookie. The sauce is raspberry jelly. The toppings are grated white chocolate with peanut butter chips and chocolate chips.

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