Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bad Dogs!

Victoria really wants the dogs to dress up for Halloween this year. She was browsing through $10 or so "dog outfits"the other day. Knowing that that wasn't going to happen ,I talked her into a 99cent red pillowcase to sew devil wings. It was more appropriate to see devil wings on these partners in crime than something cute like a hot dog outfit or a King's costume. We considered making one an angel and the other a devil but we knew for sure that Henry could never be an angel. And Sam...well he's too sneaky to be an angel. I mean, look at Henry...doesn't he already look guilty for something? And Sammy has the look of...It wasn't me Mom. Either way they look cute and Victoria is very satisfied and Daphne did a great job of turning the wings and stuffing them for me.

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