Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birthday Girls

6+18= many white hairs!Kirk's white hairs that is...
Kirk's beard is showing much wear and tear from these girls. I could count the ways but it is their birthday after all. We celebrate them together being that their birthdays are five days apart...Oct 20th for Victoria and Oct. 25th for Daphne. We tried celebrating their birthdays separate and decided that it was just too much cake. So we made a special tiered cake this year that the girls decorated themselves. I think it was more special that way then me coming up with a fancy cake. They enjoy baking together.I turned around in time to see Sammy eyeballing the pretzel sticks. He was really trying hard to see if his tongue could reach one. When it didn't he decided to lick the counter in case there was some tiny crumb lying beside it. Then Henry comes up and it looked like Sammy was watching to see if Henry could reach one. HA...can't! Better luck next time buddy! I know just how long those tongues can reach. I have learned my lesson with an entire plate of banana bread. All food products need to be a tongues distance away.
What is a birthday without the cat licking the cake or the dogs trying to reach a treat.

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