Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Giant Carrot

Well, you can't really see the carrot in this picture with Kaleb...
We planted carrots in our little garden last summer and the carrots didn't really grow all that great for some reason. I think they got too hot and dried out too quickly to grow well. The zucchini did awesome but the carrots were lacking. Towards September when we realized that there really wasn't much hope in the carrots what so ever, Kaleb started pulling one here and there and gave it to our beloved bunny for a yummy snack. He always greeted Kaleb with excitement when he saw him walking up to him with a tasty orange carrot and greens. This particular carrot was like a skinny finger size when kaleb pulled it out so he stuck it back into the hole that he had just pulled it out of.
Well, he kind of forgot about it thinking that it was still too skinny. I sent him up in the back just before Christmas to clear out anything that can be pulled. He came down with this gigantic carrot! And it tasted pretty sweet too but decided to give it to Ben as a present. He was probably pretty satisfied after eating that carrot.
Lucky Bunny!

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Katherine said...

Looks like a mitten. I hope I get a truck load of manure for my garden this year, or I am afraid it won't do very good.