Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Kaleb!

Kaleb is 11 in the year 2011! How cool is that?! I remember being pregnant with him and people attempting to freak me out with the Y2K scare saying that I could be giving birth in the dark with no electricity. Obviously that didn't happen and we had a beautiful little boy. Well, he put in his order for a dragon cake that he saw on the Family Fun website. I had to work the day before so his big sister baked the cake for me to shape and frost. It turned out to be a really cute cake for a very special boy.
This could very well be THE only picture with Kaleb with his eyes open! Anytime anyone has tried to take his picture they always try to get him to smile with his eyes open. We never tried because from the time he was a tiny baby, his eyes squinted into cresent moons when he smiled or laughed.
This is the big sister tormenting her little brother. Those two are like oil and water in public. I know different. Behind the curtain of life they love eachother and are very much alike. They can't fool their Mama. Happy Birthday my smiley boy. Kaleb is as sweet as they get.

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Katherine said...

The cake is so fun, what a great job Daphne and Pam. Happy Birthday Kaleb. I wish I was there to see you blow your candles out and eat a piece of the fun cake.