Sunday, January 23, 2011

Snow Day

The Headley Men
Flagstaff was hit with some awesome snow over the last week of Dec and the New Year.
We were in absolutely no mood to "ring" in the new year in any way but the thought of hanging out in the snow for a day sounded pretty fun.
Needless to say it was literally freezing. We didn't last very long.
I think our blood is a little thin living in Phoenix.
The snow was so powdery and sticky. It was really pretty.
Usually by the time we get to Flagstaff the snow is iced over.
Victoria and Kaleb were about the only ones who were really light enough to slide down the hill. It was still fun trying.
It was so peaceful getting away. I had a horrible headache when I started the day that went away being out side in the crisp air. Well, we had a great family day that I will cherish forever. The dogs had a blast. Sammy enjoyed getting into our well hidden lunch bag and helped himself to cheese and crackers. We even had a crate on top of it and he still made it in through a zipper and velcro! So he had a nice hearty snack before hitting the slopes doggy style.
Life hasn't been very fun lately but a day in the snow, freezing our toes off was definately stimulating. And from the looks of this next picture...pleasantly exhausting.

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Katherine said...

I loved when my children played and worked hard, humm, maybe that is why Seth and Wind play so hard. Just a thought there. I love playing in the snow, but climbing back up the hill is a lot of work. Great collages Pam, but you need to go into the HTLM and change the width of that middle area and you can have bigger pictures. Just letting you know.