Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nurses from John C. Lincoln

These are some of the greatest nurses that I have ever worked with. We all worked in the Birthing Center at John C. Lincoln together. The two on the left, Sharon and Ruth worked with me in the nursery and the two on the right, Gayla and Deb worked in post-partum couplet care. We are a bunch of hard working team players when it came to running our department. And we always had fun doing it no matter how hard something was.

We went to a hospital job fair not too far from our last hospital. The three of us nursery nurses managed to get some time to talk with the director of Maternal Child health. It was awesome because it was pretty much an interview with all three of us. It is totally a "God Thing" that she met with us because she didn't have time but changed her mind when she saw us on a hospital tour. There are a quite a few openings in the nursery and we have a pretty good shot at getting them. The nursery was huge compared to what we are used to. Not to mention beautiful. And the babies of course. I didn't realize how depressed I have been feeling since getting layed off. I almost got teary eyed when we passed a radiant warmer bed and there wasn't even a baby on it. I knew I loved working with the babies but I didn't realize I would miss it this much.

So now it is all in God's hands as to whether or not we all get a job there or not. I will have to keep you posted.

Afterwards we spent the next two and a half hours at Sweet Tomatoes having lunch and talking. I really missed them and was so happy to be around them.

They are wonderful women.

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Katherine said...

You are so awesome Pam. Your friends sound like great women. I love getting together with women friends, talking, laughing and eating. So glad you were able to have a day filled with good food, laughter and friendship.