Friday, April 8, 2011


The other day Kaleb was looking for something to do. He pulled out a puzzle that I knew would take way too much time to put together and is really hard. I sent him back to the garage to find a puzzle that might not take too much time to do since I knew it would end up on the kitchen table until it was completely put together. He came back with a puzzle that Daphne and I got at the thrift store for $2. My kind of deal. You just run the risk of missing pieces.
Everyone became involved with this puzzle. Not quite what we need right now. It became a large distraction with it not only taking up a huge amount of space on our table. It was really hard not to work on it during meals. We spent quite a few late nights sitting at the table working on it. Quite a few times someone would call for something and you would hear the "puzzle" response of ... "just a minute". That was always the first indication that the puzzle was being worked on. We were saving this particular one for summer but was welcomed with a break here and there and some late nights. It only had two missing pieces which is the most that we have ever encountered.
It was a very pretty puzzle. Lots of beautiful colors. Great way to bring the family closer together especially when it's 10 at night and we are all needing to go to bed and we all keep agreeing to go after this next piece. And then you get the excitement of getting a piece in so you work on the next piece and it just keeps going from there. So I guess it didn't matter what puzzle Kaleb chose to put together. The very thing I was trying to avoid happened anyway. So really what did it matter? I guess it was intended to happen whether I wanted it to or not.


Katherine said...

I love puzzles. We have done a lot of puzzles and it is a great way to pull the family together. We have one that glows in the dark.

Carol said...

Your work is gorgeous.