Friday, April 8, 2011

Kirk needs a Barn

I have heard for the past twenty five years from Kirk that he needs a barn for the big projects that he does. At first I would be like, yeah right. Just move that and that in the garage and you will have plenty of room. Okay, now that he has constructed a blue tent on our front lawn to shield himself from the wind so he can air brush is an indication that yes, we really do need more space.Whenever someone is looking for him we just say he is on the front lawn painting his monkeys. Or "Oh he is out front with the monkeys".
I am so glad we don't have a home owners association. Our neighbors are always interested in what he is doing. You never know what he will be working on next. Right now these monkeys are for an indoor amusement park called Jambo Place. Our doctor friend from Africa bought a space that is right next to our house. Once Kirk found out he practically convinced the guy that Kirk could really theme out this place. So the monkeys will be battling the pirates (we had pirates on the lawn too) in the laser tag area. He even ordered paint that glowed in black light. So cool. The kids and I were thinking of more ways to use the paint if any is left over after the project. Victoria has already decided that she can't wait to try it out when it opens. The cool thing about these projects that Kirk does is that we hang out and bring him lunch and dinner at times so we see this stuff as it goes in before opening day. This one will be fun to see how it all comes together. He will have all the walls to do aside from the laser tag.
This picture is a little blurry because of the lighting. Looks cool though.


Katherine said...

Kirk, you are one funny guy. That is great, the blue tent in your front yard. You are truly an artist if you have a blue tent in the front yard.

Carol said...

You guys are so creative. Your whole family are rock stars...I'm just sayin.....