Saturday, January 25, 2014

Party Crashers

 Victoria's Lego Friends were having a beach party one day. So the boys (Jared and Kaleb) decided that they would crash the party with this motley crew.
You have to look closely to see all the details.
They even showed me a 6-pack of soda hidden under one of the seats.
The crew included a steward with a pineapple, a pearl diver, a navy officer, a scuba diver, a surfer, an oil driller, a life guard and a treasure hunter. The contraption hanging off the back next to the shark is a lobster cage.

Just when you would think that Victoria would have opposed the boys crashing her beach party, she actually welcomed the extra party goers.

I am always interested in what they come up with next.
I like the huge speakers on the side of the vehicle.
It brings back memories of the 80's.

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