Thursday, January 9, 2014

Playmobil Zoo

We have a house full of creative kids.
And bored at the time too.....
Victoria hounded Jared with what she called an "awesome" idea of building a zoo. He finally gave in and took it far above her own expectations. A perk to having an almost 18 year old brother who still pays attention to you. I absolutely love that. He has a big heart for her.
So here is their creation, along with the help of Kaleb who got in on the adventure.
This was all sparked because we took the Christmas tree down. It was like this open, free space was beckoning to be filled.
 Every exhibit had a story. I think I liked the monkey exhibit the best. They looked like they had hijacked a helicopter.
 There were gift shops too...  and bamboo pencils....
 One of the people fell face first into Shamu's tank......yikes! He is literally in he splash zone.
 It was fun listening to them tell me about each place that they built and what the people were doing at each exhibit.
 Evey zoo needs a farm site and petting zoo.
 Getting the grand tour of this zoo was like taking a short trip in this cold weather we have been having. As a child, I know I would have been lost in here for days wandering through, playing with the animals.
And at the end of the day, I would probably have felt like this too. Laying on my back, watching the clouds go around in circles......

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Katherine said...

Wind spent hours with his legos growing I really enjoy seeing your creations. Wind didn't have near the variety of lego pieces you do...I wish he had though.