Sunday, February 2, 2014

Clonedike Derby 2014

 The boys scout troop participated in the Clonedike Derby last weekend. They camped in 8 degree weather, while the girls and I were home in our warm house.
One of the dads and his brother and son built the sled. It was pretty impressive and ran beautifully with all the boys pushing. I heard they ran over some kid that threw himself in front of their sled on purpose. Somehow he wasn't hurt.
Kirk has  been a wonderful addition to this troop. In the past the boys have had very light meals or we had to send them with a sack lunch for dinner the first night. Now, with Kirk as Scoutmaster, he gets the boys cooking so they have a hot meal to eat and get them going. I feel better knowing that no one will be going without food. Especially with freezing temperatures. I also love hearing about all the stories that they come back with about the events that took place. Oh, and they even washed the van, plus vacumed it out before returning home. I think they are afraid for me to see how dirty the van gets inside and out when they go on these scouting trips.

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