Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Jared!

Our family is half grown into adulthood.
It kind of freaks me out.
I still feel young but then look at Jared, who is taller than me,
and I start to feel older. Especially when I look in the mirror.
Oh yeah, I am old enough to have a 21 and 18 year old.
Jared is definitely 18. He is done having his mom be his teacher.
I think I am too, so that is a win, win situation.
I remind him of what he needs to get done in a week regarding his school
schedule and he rolls his eyes. He had either already done it
or had it on his schedule. He is a breath of fresh air knowing that
we have another adult in the house. I know that if it was
not for he and Kaleb tending to our garden all summer, we wouldn't still be eating
vegetables out of our freezer.
He helps us keep up with everything that has to be done in a week.
He makes a killer sandwich that anyone would love to eat especially with
spicy peppers that Kirk canned last summer.
I call him a bread snob because he prefers to make his sandwiches
on a roll rather than a slice of bread.
Jared is a great big brother to all the kids, helping them stay on task
or shows them how to clean something correctly.
Which brings me to one of his better qualities.
He likes things to be clean, often threatening his little sister
with a trash bag if she doesn't clean up her room so he can
vacuum her carpet.
I tell him that any wife will love that he will help
with the cleaning but be careful that he doesn't drive her nuts.
When he was just a little guy, I would often wonder if he
would ever get his shoes on the right feet. Now he buys his own shoes,
choosing styles that I didn't even know he liked.
I love watching him grow into the young man that I know God is
 intending him to be. I love that he is maintaining his Christian values as
he is entering the next stage of his life.
His dad and I are really proud of him.
Now, I just need to survive learning to drive......

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