Thursday, February 6, 2014

Woo Hoo, A Snow Day!

We have been praying for snow and it has finally come.
 The bummer part is that we had to cancel our co-op classes today.
 Our little snowman reads 6 inches overnight...with more to come!
I think back about our past life in sunny Arizona and ask myself...
Do we miss the warm Arizona sun?....
It is definately cold here but WE LOVE IT WHEN IT SNOWS!
Living in a place with seasons just makes it more interesting.
You can look out the same window every day and see it differently as the seasons come and go. After snow we get beautiful spring flowers. The seasons always bring something to look forward to.
I need that.
 I think we moved to Northern Utah at the right time. Having teenage boys is a huge blessing, especially with all the shoveling that they do. I think our neighbor likes it too. She pays them pretty well to shovel her drive way.
I'm glad their services come with the responsibility of the family.
 Victoria is already stir-crazy since we had to cancel classes. Time to boot her outside and play with the dogs.
 She tried to plow a sledding path but quickly realized that she had better get one of her brothers to help and a slicker sled. I don't know what she would do without her brothers.
 It is the funniest thing to watch the dogs when you throw a snowball for them to chase after. They stick their heads down the hole that the snowball made looking for it. Sam will always come up with a mouthful of snow as if he caught the ball. He just eats everything else he comes in contact with.
 That is the new police department off in the background. We couldn't ask for a better place.....who knew that after our experience in life that we would have a police department and a library just out our back gate!
We feel safe with plenty of good reading!

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