Friday, July 11, 2014

National Youth Leadership Training

Kaleb has matured so much this past year. Back in January, I was somewhat surprised that Kaleb told me that he wanted to attend NYLT, National Youth Leadership Training this summer. The boy who became very emotional about six years ago when we left on a three week vacation saying that we needed to turn around and go home on day two.
He attended NYLT on his own and learned lots about what it means to be a leader and how to lead others. I am really proud of him.
The camp was in Morgan, UT at a private camp. It was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately it rained the first two days they were there but fortunately I have a son who packs the kitchen sink. So he had all his rain gear with him including a waterproof tent.
Kaleb is a true boy scout, always prepared and there to lend a helping hand.
He received an award for his willingness to help out when needed and without being asked to do so.
Yep, that's my Kaleb.
Well Loved.

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