Friday, July 11, 2014

Star Academy Camp Out

After being gone almost an entire month in Arizona it was hard to pull ourselves together to make it to our co-op campout. I am so glad that we did. We barely got our tent and sleeping bags together, brought broken chairs, and had our potluck salad, smores makings and bagels for the next morning. I felt like we were minimalists.

One of the moms came up with this awesome idea and arranged for it to take place at Guinevah camp ground. The drama class put on their productions in the amplitheater. Jared was part of the group that wrote the plays. They took fairy tales and twisted them. Jared played prince charming (which is so unlike Jared to do so). Kirk and I kept nudging eachother because we were shocked at how he was performing. He was so funny and played the part well. Kaleb thought it would be funny to play a guy fairy. At first I was like....WHAT are you doing? But after seeing how he played the part, he had everyone laughing until we had tears in our eyes. I know he can be funny but this was hysterical. And he didn't even care that everyone was watching him.
One of the groups wrote a play that had Walt Disney when he was young and older, so Jared and Kaleb played those parts since they are brothers and atleast resemble eachother. Where they found plaid pants for Jared to wear was beyond me. And they were tall size too. Once again, Kaleb was hysterical. We have always said that he should be in drama but he would always deny his ability.
It was a wonderful evening. I am so happy that I pulled myself together because
 it was so much fun to visit around the campfire with all our friends.
It was a perfect way to top off the school year.

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