Saturday, May 8, 2010

19th Wedding Anniversary

I couldn't resist this picture of us when we were SO YOUNG!!! The first thing Jared noticed is how red his Dad's beard was. For the first time ever...since our honeymoon...Kirk and I ran away for the weekend up to cooler Prescott alone. We have never spent a weekend alone...without kiddos. We love them dearly but it was long overdue. We walked down town and browsed the Antique shops. We ate only when we felt like it. We didn't have anyone hanging on us nor did we have to carry anyone. It was amazeing...we actually had complete thoughts. It was really wierd to not have any interuptions. Needless to say we still really enjoy each others company. We are definately older and wiser. We have been around the block way too many times in our times together. We have learned alot and with God's wisdom we will grow even more. I can't imagine our lives together without our Heavenly Father as our leader. I love you Kirk. You're my best friend. And thanks for all you do. You have managed to provide for us all of these years even during the worst of times.


Katherine said...

Happy Anniversary Pam and Kirk. That is so fun that you were able to get away and even funner that you still enjoy each other. That is great! Who watched the kids? You still look just as good the day you got married.

Stephenson said...

Happy anniversary to a great couple.