Sunday, May 23, 2010

HBC Bible Study

These wonderful women are a part of my small group at our Homemakers by Choice bible study. My best friend Kelly and I joined last September. We kind of laugh at the "Homemaker" part because both of us homeschool our kids and have almost no time to be a homemaker. But aside from that, this past year has been centered on fulfilling God's plan for us women as a mother, wife and organizing our homes. We had a pretty great group. I am glad that Kelly chose it because I wasn't willing to make the decision last Sept. We have all had our ups and downs this past year. It was something to look forward to and just for me. I know...sounds a little selfish...but what a great thing to be selfish about...a bible study group. The gal in the blue hat is a hoot! Robyn is an incredible woman who loves the Lord and wears a different hat every week along with color coordinated jewelry, clothing, bag... She talks really fast and also knows speaks sign language extremely well. So sometimes she will just start signing while she is talking. It makes me laugh. She has blessed us all so much with her wisdom and faith. Our group leader Laurie is a mom to an autistic boy of 15. She is incredible. When you think you have it hard just listen to her for a few minutes about communicating with a non-verbal child and you will think different about your circumstances. Victoria accompanied me every week to her little class that she absolutely loved. She became my driving force every week if I was having trouble fitting it in. I did it for her but benefited from it in a huge way.
This is my friend Kelly. She is awesome and deserves a much better friend than me. I think God has a reason for us being together these past 10 years. She is alot like Kirk and I am alot like her Mike. It is funny how we tolerate things in eachother that drive us nuts in our husbands. She has become my conscience. I hear her voice in my head sometimes when I am about to do something I shouldn't. She is a much nicer person than I am. I feel like she is my sister. I feel lucky.

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Katherine said...

This is great. Homeschoolers are very much "home"making. Don't you love being with other women who help fill you with knowledge, inspiration, love, laughter, joy, friendship, understanding, wisdom.... I feel so blessed for the women in my life, specially you Pam.