Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pentecost Sunday

The dove was hoisted up 20 feet in the air. Phase 1 completed. The church has to rent a scissor lift to hang the water droplets that accompany the dove in a double helix. It took 3 hours to hang because one of the connections unraveled and the dove swung to one side. Luckily the ropes were still attached. All of our hearts were in our throats. It was our biggest fear. I kept envisioning the bird on "Bugs Life" that the ants built to scare away the grasshoppers. So we brought it down and with one trip home, and two to Home Depot, we managed to get it rehung securely. The men helping were extremely helpful, calm and very encouraging. It was a relief to have them working along side us. Today is Pentecost Sunday so they dedicated the dove in honor of Douglas Haug whose family is the donor family for this project. Everyone was very amazed and excited to finally have something added to the baptismal font. I think overall people had a good reaction. Kirk had a slide show that they played on the screens in the narthex to show the congregation what the finished piece will look like. The droplets go up in a couple weeks. Pictures coming soon.

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Carol said...

Kirk is so creative. I love it.