Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sewing project

Daphne sewed the cute Kitty and I sewed another monkey for our violin teachers neice and nephew. They turned out really cute. About 5 years ago I was teaching Shari and her two daughters how to sew. She was such a crack up. So when Daphne showed her the kitty, Shari went berzerk about how cute it was. Violin lessons are very entertaining with Shari. It is really hard to explain, I would have to imitate her for you. It is just something you have to hear. We absolutely love her. Anyway, we were very happy to barter some time making these dolls in exchange for lessons. Daphne has pretty much become autonomous when it comes to sewing. I have loved watching her progress this past year. I feel like sewing is a dieing art. I am always amazed how well the kids do with their projects. My projects never really turned out. I had to teach myself how to sew and pick up what I could...I'm still learning ...I am determined to teach them what I know so they don't have quite as much trial and error. Shari was cleaning out her closet and pulled out a brand new sewing machine with about 80 some functions on it that has never been opened or turned on. She gave it to Daphne and I to get some use out of it. I could not believe it! I tried to tell her that I would teach her to use it and she didn't want it collecting dust anymore. It is an awesome machine. The best thing is it threads it's own needle. Daphne and I were practically jumping up and down over this feature. Both our eyes have gotton so bad that we can barely see what we are doing. Now we will probably be fighting over who gets to use the new machine! Hmmm I wonder if I can pull rank...

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