Monday, March 10, 2014

Daylight Savings

I have officially decided....I hate Daylight Savings!
Long ago, living in California, I could hardly remember to change the clocks when we had a tiny newborn added to our lives. For the first two years of Daphne's life we were an hour late to church and didn't notice it until we drove into the parking lot or our neighbor hysterically laughed at us because we had forgotton a second time.  Uugh. Alright already!
Moving to Arizona 19 years ago was a dream come true for our time challenged lives. Even though we didn't change our clocks like the rest of the United States, my mother still reminded us that it was Daylight Savings. HA! I didn't have to pay attention!
Well, now we are back to Daylight Savings and I am determined to remember to change our clocks! So, we almost forgot. I remembered unexpectedly at 10pm Saturday night. Clear out of the blue. Not sure how I even had the thought, but I remembered. By the way, I think my mother forgot...because she didn't remind me to change our clocks.
Day two of Daylight Savings and I thought we were doing really well all morning. In fact, I felt like we were ahead of schedule in school. I was feeling pretty good for a Monday morning, multi-tasking to the hilt. Victoria was scheduled to have a play date at 1pm. Great, got lunch out of the way, violin lesson from the big sister.....I had time to actually eat lunch. Things were looking good, until Jared made a comment that his cell phone hadn't changed the time yet. I looked at my cell phone and saw that it was 1:25! WHAT?! But the clock that I have been watching all morning, staying on WRONG!
I hate Daylight Savings.

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