Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sledding at the Sinks

We finally found out where the "Sinks" are in Logan Canyon in February.
What a cool place....especially if you have teenagers who really want a good sledding hill....and a dare devil 9 year old.
There were snow mobile markers down the main part of the hill. Wouldn't you know became a target without trying. I lost count as to how many times we had a close call with that thing. The first time the kids made a train, Jared being the heaviest was in the back with Victoria in the front. It was so funny because the added weight in the back proved the laws of physics with him sliding faster than Victoria. This meant that their train ended with Jared backwards, head to head with Victoria and Kaleb and Daphne split, holding onto eachother practically going down sideways. And then literally, wrapping themselves around the snowmobile marker.
 There are down sides to a long sledding hill. Like the long walk up, which really wasn't too bad if you were over the age of 10.
 It snowed almost the entire time we were there. We were getting a little concerned that we were going to have to dig the van out. The are where we parked was already pretty deep. I think the new tires on the van helped.
 Here comes Kirk...and his beard.......there he goes! When we got home he asked me to trim his beard. He didn't like how it felt when it blew in the wind. I was glad to see it shorter. I was starting to think that something was hiding in it.
 This is the sign that it is time to go...
 This moose was taking a rest by the side of the road just watching the cars go by. Long ago when we camped in Yellowstone, we kept watching for a moose. I just wanted to see a moose in the wild. Now that we see them often, I am still amazed at these animals. Whenever we drive anywhere, we are always on the lookout for wildlife.

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