Sunday, March 9, 2014

One Point Perspective

This project took almost three weeks for the kids in my art class to finish. I purposely gave them huge paper. It takes them out of their comfort zone by giving them something big to work on. We used markers and then brushed it with water to give it a watercolor effect. It was a little confusing for the younger ones at first but then they were coming to class with drawings on smaller papers that they had done at home. It was pretty impressive what they were showing up with.
I like how I can give all the ages the same lesson and they will take it
to whatever level they are on. I also like how if one kid "gets it" at one table they start helping the other kids around them. They get creative ideas from eachother that way.
This one is Victoria's. Though it looks simple, it was very challenging for her and
she enjoyed every minute of it.
I also like how each persons technique came through. Kaleb likes vibrant colors while others like a more soft, pastel look. This one is Kaleb's. I like how he got clouds in the sky with the watermarks.
There were about three in the class who really detailed their drawing. Jared and Kaleb were each one of them. Jared had signs and deep set windows with trim on some of the buildings. He wanted a more soft looking sky to not take away from the building.

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