Saturday, March 29, 2014

Get into a Circle....

This is proof that homeschoolers are one of a kind.
We have a joke that when told, homeschoolers don't know how to get in a circle, when you call them together to play a game or something. The other moms and I were setting up for 4H the other day to work on a wood project. But first we play games to strengthen their public speaking abilities. The kids love this part of the meeting because they get to stand up in front and speak most of the time. Depending on the game. Anyway, I was just about to tell the kids to get in a circle but my friend Becky told the kids to get into a star shape. I was thinking that they would be stumped and laughed that she had told them. In a matter of seconds, this is their star shape that they got into.
So they might not be able to get into a circle, but they sure can get into a star.
And why not, we are Cache Valley Star Academy.

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