Saturday, June 14, 2014

4H Field Trip

Our 4H group drove down the street to a Dairy Farm that supplies hundreds of gallons of milk to the local cheese factory. The owners were twin brothers and they definately knew their cows. They can track their cows with their smart phones, so they know just when it is time to breed them or when it is about time to give birth just by the cows wearing a $40 bracelet around their ankle. Technology has definately changed the way things are done in present day.
 This little sweetie was as curious as Victoria as she was of her. You couldn't have tried for a more perfect calf with her little pink nose. This one was a Holstein which was obvious by its markings and its wide nose.
This sweet little thing with those long eye lashes, is a Jersey cow. Compared to the Holstein, they are tiny in size and their noses are kind of narrower and scooped. Even the adult Jersey was adorable.
Now the smell.......Naaa, that would ruin it all. I won't talk about the smell.

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