Saturday, June 14, 2014

A little late.....

 Here it is June and I am looking back over the months that we have missed. Life has passed way too quickly. I love that in the midst of chaos our little family has managed to spend moments of time together. Dying eggs was one of them. I am thrilled that our adult children still enjoy these family traditions like dying eggs.
 I couldn't figure out why Jared's head was resting on the table. Is it too bright on this beautiful sunny day, does he have a headache, is he tired?
 No, he's using his phone to research ideas to draw on his egg! Jared? The one that probably likes dying eggs the least but still does it?
 My crazy Kaleb wore this shirt special for dying eggs this beautiful day in April.
 I love how pretty all the colors look. I love the changing of the seasons and how Spring in Cache Valley truely blossoms into so many colors.
 And I love that Alexander made it through the winter in the house and has a healthy diet.....minus the rocks!

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