Saturday, June 14, 2014

Swimming in Arizona

It was crazy to drive to Idaho to see Rich before he moved then drive down to Arizona the next morning to be with my mom during her surgery.The girls rode down with me along with a friend of ours who decided to hitch a ride down to Mesa to be with her new grand baby. One day we are wearing jackets with snow on the mountains, the next day we are wearing shorts and swimming in the pool. My Mom's surgery went well and we were all so relieved to have that over with. It was a long 4 days in the hospital but I am really glad that I was there to hear what the doctors were saying as well as the Physical Therapist. It helped for me to keep track of her pain medication so that it remained effective. She pretty much had her own personal nurse. I never really told the nurses that I was a nurse. I think they guessed it. Plus it made their work easier with me being right with my Mom the whole time. I would leave when my Dad came for his daily visit, shower, visit with the girls and then get back to the hospital. The boys had stayed in Logan because they wanted to finish their co-op classes and attend the Masquerade Ball that a couple of moms in our co-op have worked so hard to arrange. It was wierd being without them. At first I was feeling worried but then we had several friends watching out for them I didn't need to worry. It was pretty short lived. Plus Kirk was home in the evenings after work. Kaleb only went crazy a couple times.
My mom's dog Sugar just loves Victoria. She always has, especially since we call Sugar Psycho Dog. She is wierd with quirky ways about her. But she loves playing with Victoria and swimming. She even has her own little life jacket. She is one spoiled pup.

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