Friday, October 24, 2014


The great thing about having a huge garden is the harvest!
 We have enough corn to last us the winter.
The bad thing about having a huge garden is the harvest!
When it is time to harvest corn, 
you literally have it coming out your ears!
No pun intended.
 This was only a mere fraction of cobs that Kirk and the boys were shucking outside.
I had pots of boiling water to blanche the cobs for freezing.
Poppa was doing his best to not get shucked in to cutting the corn off the cob.
 Here is the cutting crew.
This was definitely a family affair.
It didn't last long. Poppa jumped in with their little Sugar supervising.
We froze all the corn that we weren't going to eat.
110 bags!
So now when we retrieve a bag from the freezer, sometimes I hear someone joke, 
I can't find any......
or, which one do you want.....
or, bag number 107......
or, which freezer again.......

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Katherine said...

I wish i had help, maybe some of my corn would have made it to the freezer. I really love seeing your parents there being a part of your world.