Friday, October 24, 2014

Start of School

Here it is October and we are already looking back to September. Actually, August if you want to get technical. Jared started Bridgerland at the end of August. I am down to teaching only the youngest two now. Life is a little different with just the three of us during the day.
A lot quieter with Victoria and Jared separated.
Bitter Sweet.
They did goof around quite a bit now that they aren't together all day.
 Jared chucked as he left for the first day of the carpentry program at Bridgerland Applied Technology College. He said he never needed a backpack before and now he does.
 Aside from lugging around his school books these are the other supplies that he needed. We had to go to three places to find a tool belt that would fit his waist. He is so skinny. He had to go back and get a set of suspenders so the tool belt wouldn't drag his pants down. 
Since starting school, he has hammered his finger, scraped the skin off his thumb, and nailed his wrist with a NAIL GUN! All in one week. It was a bad week. And if I have the story straight, it wasn't him who nailed himself with the nail gun, one of his class mates did.
When he was telling me about it I was looking up and down his body for injury.
Everyday I give him a hug on the way out the door and tell him to come home with all his fingers!
We are down to two for Homeschooling now.
I like it but miss that they aren't little anymore.
Everyone is growing up
and Kirk and I are just getting old.

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