Friday, October 24, 2014

Loveland Living Aquarium

I taught the Oceanography Merit Badge to the scouts in August. One of my favorite subjects. It worked out great this year because Kaleb and Victoria are studying this subject for their science this year. What better thing to do than to visit the aquarium. We had a large group of scouts attend with their families. I love group rates.
 This aquarium had just recently relocated to another site. I never saw the other one but we were pretty impressed. Some might feel that when you see one aquarium, you have seen them all. Not for us. We loved it.
 Daphne still likes tight, little spaces.
 There were different areas. One was the aquatic life of Utah and then they had a room of the rain forest. That was pretty impressive with those gigantic fish that swim the Amazon. Kind of freaky.
 Victoria and I could have watched the penguins all day. They make you wonder what they are thinking as they dart about here and there.
We had a great time as did the other scouts and families. It was almost a two hour drive to get there but well worth it. Some of the kids didn't want to leave. Hopefully we will be able to return at the end of the school year to top off our studies in Oceanography.

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