Friday, October 24, 2014

School Work

The family carpenter.
Jared is really enjoying himself!
 At this point they had poured the basement and layed the trusses for the floor.
 Jared hangs out with a nice group of young men, though Jared is the youngest, they have quite a bit to offer each other. I love to hear the stories of the day.
 Before he started the program he was never tired at 9pm. I had told him that it will happen someday that he will be exhausted at the end of the day and when that happens I want him to come to me and say "Mom, it's happened....I'm tired."
Well, it happened. It was 7 pm about 5 weeks into the program and Jared sat at the dinner table and said, "Mom, it's happened....I am exhausted and feel like going to bed. It's only 7 oclock!"
We all had a good laugh.
Jared being the night owl that he is, is no longer a night owl. I always knew that, that might happen but it was so hard to see that when he was only 13 months old wanting to play at 2 am.
 We are really proud of the man he is becoming. His instructor is a man of good character as well. I love to have my kids around good mentors. An answered prayer.
I am bummed, just after we left, Jared is the only one that is of a good weight to ride out on that stick that they flatten the cement with. That would have been a great picture.

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