Friday, May 8, 2015

4H Dog Agility

Victoria has always loved dogs and we have always known that Henry needed to do dog agility. After seeing him climb fences and knowing how high he can jump, we just knew he would be good at it.
With ALOT of training. He ALWAYS thinks he knows better!
 I love watching all the kids getting control of their dogs and encouraging them to do things on the agility course. Some of the dogs personalities are so funny. There is one golden lab that rolls in the tunnel, every single time.
 This Golden Retriever will do anything for her toy! And her owner is the most polite boy I have ever met. Really neat kid.
 Henry isn't afraid to do anything. Some dogs get nervous on the see-saw. Henry doesn't seem to care that it moves. As long as he gets his treat at the end.

By the end of the hour Henry was staying focused and actually doing everything that was requested of him. He loves the tunnel so everytime Victoria was wanting him to go up and over the A frame he would get super excited and run through the tunnel in stead. It was kind of funny but frustrating to Victoria. He would come out the other side super happy like he had accomplished what you had asked him to do. Not quite. I guess he needs more work on that.
 These horses were watching the dogs while they were practicing. They also liked having their picture taken. They were quite comical to watch and interact with.This one especially liked his muzzle scratched.
 This guy wanted in on the attention as well.

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