Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother's Day

 This has to be my most memorable Mother's Day EVER!
Here's how it all started....
Aunt Carol called telling me that she will be at Kathy's for Mother's Day and we should call Kathy and tell her that we want to spend it in Malad!
Great IDEA!
Called Kathy and said that we all wanted to come to her house for Mother's Day...Is that okay?
Kathy said yes at first but then called the next day and said that she didn't want to have clean her house or her yard so we should have it at our house....
Hmmm....okay, we can do that.
So I called my parents and told them the plans for Mother's Day.
Next thing I know, our Mother's Day went from 5 people, because Kirk was supposed to work that day to 13!
We had a wonderful time. Kathy and Troy, their daughter Sundi and her husband Robert, Aunt Carol, Mom and Dad and all of us all had dinner together. It was wonderful. And Kirk made it home just in time for everyone to come and enjoy a nice BBQ dinner of chicken and lots of trimmings.
Kaleb, the Grill Meister
He grills an excellent dinner.
 I love my family!
This is what happens when your youngest keeps messing around and you can't get a decent picture.
This is what happens when you get threatened by your big brother to behave.
I love being a Mom. It has it's ups and downs and many, many challenges but I wouldn't trade my job for anything.
 I love this top picture of Kathy and Sundi goofing around. 
We laughed so much. Victoria told me later how much fun Mother's Day was. I agree. 
This is the most memorable Mother's Day!

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