Friday, May 8, 2015

Our Carpenter

 Jared and the team of other students in the carpentry program have completed the house they have been building right on schedule. It is amazing to see the whole process and hear the numerous stories that Jared now has from being in this program.
Jared has spilled his blood in this very house and has fallen off the roof too.
At one stage of the house you could follow the drips of blood from Jared where he was nailed with a nail gun or smashed his thumb among other accidents.
Every day I would hug him good bye and rather than telling him to do good work and pay attention (that's what my mom always said), I would tell him no bleeding and come home with all his fingers.
 Here is the closet that he and another guy built. He is very proud of this closet. I think it will inspire him to figure out what to do with his and Kaleb's closet in their new room.
Not only did they frame the house but they did finishing work as well. Like all the molding, the stairs and even tile the kitchen and bathrooms. He loved coming home dirty after a long days work.
We are really proud of him. 
Next step....getting a job.

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Great skills to have!!!!