Friday, May 8, 2015


 Every day is a surprise of God's many blessings.
I love lilac and look what we have growing in our yard
 The girls are growing like weeds and settling in to their new hen house.
Jared and Kaleb did an awesome job of building our coop. Kirk and I barely helped. I was so impressed, watching them work together. Kaleb cutting wood and handing it over to his brother who would nail it into place. They were like a well oiled machine, just the two of them.
A picture of that is coming soon,
 I love that all of these chicks have different personalities. The Plymouth Rock chick we call Gertrude always runs up to us thinking that she is going to come out the door. So I always pick her up and hold her. The white Leghorn Henrietta, thinks she is the boss. Martha, the Australand, is very proper and stands up straight with her tail at its fullest height. Augustine, the buff orpington is super soft and does not want you to pet her at all cost, even if she has to run over her sister chick to get out of the way. 
We love all 7 of them. They are neat birds.
 Jared, testing out the rope swing.
He has an awesome smile...and dimples too.
 My goof ball son.
Kaleb should be in drama. He is so every day!
Though I do hate it when he answers my phone.....
Hello, This is Social Services, How may I help you?...
Things usually get way out of control after dark, so this is happening a little early.
He must be hungry ...

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