Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dirt Boy

Jared has always enjoyed getting dirty.
He was the only child I knew who could go to bed clean and wake up 
with a dirty face.
I don't know how he did it. He loved to watch dust float through the air which meant that if there was dirt to kick, then he would be the one doing it. He even got us kicked out of a Mommy and Me group because the other mothers didn't like that he would kick the dirt and scuff his feet on outings. They said he was a setting a bad example for the other kids. 
That was the last time we met with those snobby mommies. 
Now that he is a carpenter, he loves coming home filthy dirty. He is working with a contractor friend so sometimes he is framing, other times he is doing concrete or installing a deck.
One particular hard working day he came home like this....
I think the filthier he gets in a day, the happier he is. 
Not much different than when he was little.
 He has always been my little construction worker. He had a great day when he helped Poppa move dirt. He went to bed that night clean and very happy. If you look closely you can see his dimple.
Funny, the day I took the top picture, he was wearing the same kind of boots for concrete work.
Who knew that his love for dirt would carry over into adult hood.

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Katherine said...

Does he have a mullet!