Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Girl Scout Camp

 My friend Amber and I took 6 girls to Girl Scout Camp in June to Trefoil Camp and had a blast!
We spent three days packed into a field. It was literally wall to wall tents. Our tent is right in the middle against the forest line.
Everyone chose a camp name. Victoria's was Pegasus and mine was Surf from all those years spending summers at the beach.
Thanks to Amber's expertise in dutch oven cooking we entered a dutch oven cookoff.
Dutch (this guys camp name who ran the cook off) was so nice to us. Our 7 layer brownie wasn't baking as fast as it was supposed to so he managed to ward off the judges to give us some more time.
It ended up baking with the extra time and tasted delicious. We didn't win but the girls sure did an awesome job working as a team to bake these brownies.

 There were many times that the girls got totally out of control giggling. It was very catchy.
Though I do have to admit that them singing....YOU CAN"T RIDE IN MY LITTLE RED WAGON....go to be a little much. But they were enjoying themselves and wasn't hurting anyone so we let them sing all they wanted. I don't think some of the other leaders liked to hear them on the trail but I didn't see any harm in it. They were having fun singing while we hiked the mile between our tent and all the activities. We must have hike 5 miles a day! It was unbelievable!
 The leaders of the troops participating in the Dutch Oven Cookoff
The master chefs.
We had a blast.

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