Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Heat Wave

Well, we discovered what it is like to survive a heat wave without air conditioning.
It wasn't just hard on us, it was hard on our chickens too.
We enlarged their yard so that they got more shade. It was so hot one of the days that we refreshed their water and let them out of the coop so that we could give them cool water to drink in the shade.
The hens have really grown but still aren't old enough to lay eggs. Any week now.....
 This is Henrietta who is now the smallest one even though she was the largest as a chick.
She still likes to be the boss.
 This is Augustine. She likes to keep everyone in check. She will storm the others and fluff up her neck feathers. It is kind of funny to watch.
 This is Martha who has black legs and white toe nails and Hortense who will do everything possible to avoid being touched by you.
 This is Magdelena. She is really shy,
 This is Gertrude. She is the hostess with the mostess, She is blurry because she keeps running up to me every time I crouch down to take their picture. She always wants to check your hands just in case we brought something special out for them. They absolutely love watermelon.
Here is you think she looks like a ROOSTER?
Yep, she's a HE.
We tried to call him ROX but he remained tense until we started to call him Rosie, then he relaxed and settled down. So Rosie is a He.
 Bottoms Up
So far Rosie is nice. We know how mean a rooster can get so we are hoping that all that time that Victoria spent holding him since he was a chick has helped.

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Mt. View Academy said...

My first chicken ever (and I have raised them since I was about six) was a hen named Henrietta!!