Saturday, December 19, 2015

Birch Canyon

As I glance out the window and see beautiful snow blanketing the neighborhood, I find it hard to believe that so much time has flown by since I posted any pictures. I looked to see where I left off and was really shocked to see that October and November has come and gone.
Kaleb, Victoria and I have been taking Friday fieldtrips for Science.
This particular week we were studying lichen, moss and fungus.
If you have never studied it, you should. We found it quite interesting. Especially when we ventured into Birch Canyon and actually found plenty to observe among other things.
So here is a flashback into beautiful Fall colors....
The kids and I look forward to our Friday Outings...
and this time our focus was moss, lichen, fungus and any evidence of animals

 Just when you think this is just a speckled rock, look closer...
Kaleb and I were really getting into all the color variations.
We did find names for all this which I will pass on for now.

Dew drops on spider webs
 Frosted dandelions
 I love hiking through canyons with water.
Just listening to the sound of running water is so peaceful.

Henry James looks so cute and innocent...
until he eats two pieces of pizza off the counter like he did last night.
Good thing he didn't get the whole pizza!
We were so excited about this....this is where a deer or two slept for the night. The leaves were plastered flat and dry where it was curled up and slept.
 The dogs loved being off leash. Sammy has a habit of running off into the bushes. He is good at following a scent or a sound.

 Shelf Fungus

This has to be the oldest, largest birch tree I have ever seen. The trunk showed years of wear and tear where deer have scratched their antlers.
 There is still so much to explore here that is practically in our own back yard.

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