Saturday, December 19, 2015

Wildlife in our Own Backyard

Well, the kids aren't quite wildlife but they can get wild at times.
We didn't have to go too far this time.
 It always amazes me how a single snowflake can pile up like it does.
 This little Junco was perched in the apple tree all puffed up keeping warm.
We have decided to keep bird seed in the feeder throughout 
the winter. There is a problem with a buck visiting it dumping 
all the seed out. So we now have to bring it in at night.
 Our latest visitor was this raccoon that traveled from across the street, 
through our front yard, along side the house, into the back past the chicken 
coop (yikes), along the out building, past the alfalfa and under the pine tree
 where it looks like it climbed it for the night. Hopefully it will leave 
our chickens alone. There is always something going on here.
Life Science at our fingertips.

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