Saturday, December 19, 2015

More Snow!!!

I love the snow and I love that I have 4 kids to shovel the driveway.
Our driveway now is almost 8 car lengths so when we don't have any 
more kids to shovel living at home it will be time to get a snowblower.
Or...if I get my way, we will have a four wheeler 
with a plow attachment on the front!
 Victoria checking the depth. It snowed 4 inches over night and then the next couple of days it added another 3 -4 but now it is melting. It isn't much but we still love the snow.
 Goat Mama bringing the babies warm water. Every morning she has to break ice 
out of their black rubber buckets and refill with warm water.
 Jacks and Lizzy looking for Cheerios.
Sam and Henry want to go out and play.
 Once I opened the door Jacks turned around and was gently head butting Sammy. 
It was kind of funny because Sammy didn't know what to make of it.
 Lizzy is so cute. 
She has her pale blue eyes with her pink nose
 and pink horns and a smile. She is also a busy body.
 Getting warmed up
 Dogs trying to get in on the action.
 It's a Winter Wonderland!

 I know....more goat pictures. I can't help it they are very
 sweet and a lot of fun.
 The hen house looks cute too!

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