Saturday, December 19, 2015

Oh Happy Day

That's a song by the way...
Oh Happy Day.
Victoria sings it in kids church on Sundays all the time and loves it.
I hear her humming it sometimes.
My beautiful girl.
 We love our goats. They are the funniest little animals. 
Every time Victoria would swing, 
Lizzy wanted in her lap so Victoria built them their own swing which they use all the time.
 It is always amazing to watch how agile they are getting on and off this swing. 
Nothing phases them. A dog would freak out over the instability of the platform.
They thrive and seek it out.
 Jacks is so cute and has already grown so much since this picture was taken. His horns are just peeking through.
 Both of them always need to see if you have something yummy to eat in your hands...
edible or non edible, it doesn't matter.
 Lizzy wanted in Victoria's lap. It is about the only time we can get a clear picture of her...when someone is holding her.
 I think Lizzy thinks she is a lapgoat.
 Watch those little pink horns!
 Lizzy always seems to be smiling.
 Here are the words to the Oh Happy Day song.
Oh Happy Day, Happy Day
You wash my sins away,
Oh Happy Day, Happy Day
You'll never be the same!

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