Thursday, January 21, 2016

Family Time

We finally had time as a family to go sledding.
It has been getting harder with kids growing older.
I cherish the time we can spend together as a family.
 There was a lot of goofiness going on.....
I love that we can spend fun times together. I just wish I hadn't gotten cold.
One of these times I will get me some snow pants.
Kaleb always reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes 
when he sleds down a hill on a saucer.
Woo Hoo Daphne! Catchin' Air
I'm glad Jared isn't too cool to go sledding with his Mom and Dad!
 They finally put the heavy one in the front. The other times 
Victoria was in the front and Jared swung around to the front like 
crack the whip. They spun around backwards. 
It made me nervous but they of course, loved it.

 It only lasts so long....
This proves that even at 50 you can still roll!

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